Part 2 of our 2014 trilogy is Chris’ pick: Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, the big budget sci-fi thinker that *INCEPTION NOISE*d into cinemas five years ago. Find out which host can’t stand Jessica Chastain, which host is bailing out of Nolan films, and which host is finally ‘taking this seriously’ now that we are 88 episodes […]

0084: Knights

This week its all Chris’ fault. We watch his choice of science fiction films, 1993’s Knights, a messy, cheap and Lance Henriksen starring post-apocalyptic tale of cyborg knights, kickboxing slaves and Kris Kristofferson not really being aware what film he’s in.

0083: Waterworld

This week its back to the ’90s for Waterworld, Kevin Costner’s flopping wet fish of a blockbuster. In depth plot discussion, Kevin Costner’s casino, ideas for a better film, we dive so deep into Waterworld we come up screaming for air. And a better film.