Dance of the Dead (2008)

Falling into the Idle Hands category of teen horror comedy, Dance of the Dead is the product of low budget filmmaking. It’s one thing to envision this sort of project under lesser funding, it’s quite another to actually pull it off. A certain plastic fantastic veneer is required emulate the kind of MTV movies this […]

Not Forgotten (2009)

Not Forgotten is a film so bad, so boring and so bemusingly banal it should be forced by the trade’s description act to be retitled Easily Forgotten. Made as a pure cash-in on the current popularity of ‘The Mentalist’ main man Simon Baker, an alumni from the wooden school of acting, it follows Jack Bishop […]

Day of the Dead (1985)

Zombies. They’re almost part of the flesh-eating furniture now aren’t they. Although they don’t have as much myth and legend around them as some of our other monsters (vampires, werewolves etc), they have become just as popular over recent years. As you probably know, the main man responsible for this growth is George Romero, who […]