The Box (2009)

What would you do if someone gave you a box containing a button and told you that if you pushed it two things would happen. Number one you would receive a million dollars and number two someone would die. This simple moral dilemma is the original premise of Richard Matheson’s short story ‘Button, Button’ a […]

Twilight 2008 film

Twilight (2008) Review

Twilight is a success of monolithic proportions. You can’t move for want of screaming fans, abrasive merchandise and incessant natter regarding Robert Pattinson’s obnoxiously beautiful face. I for one was happy to ignore this repellent b*ll*cks, contently drifting through my own bubbled existence only stopping to observe the phenomenon in the most brief and unsubstantial […]

Into the Mirror (2003)

I’m sure you are aware that if a film is from Asia – Korea in this instance – and remotely scary, the chances are that it’ll be remade in America. Geoul sokeuro is no different. Many of you may have seen Mirrors with a down on his luck Jack Bauer trying to protect his family […]

The Eye (2002)

Okay so people ‘seeing dead people’ doesn’t seem like an original idea anymore. I’m sure that pretty much everyone saw Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis, enjoyed it, then proceeded to go around spoiling the ending for everyone else. Fewer people though would have seen The Eye, a film which would appear to have been inspired […]