Happy Halloween!

It’s that fateful day you devilish losers, users, cruisers and low down abusers. Say hello to Halloween, a time to crawl and a time to scream. Twitch and shout to the rhythms of night, to the schreechs and wails that fill your heart with fright. It’s a time for scares and a time for dares […]

The Messengers (2007)

Right, I did it the wrong way round. I watched Messengers 2 first. But, let’s face it, if I hadn’t have quite liked it, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to watch part one. Like the second, it’s set on a farm (the same house even?), there are loads of really irritating crows, and there is […]

Walled In (2009) Review

Horror movie reviews are my thing, but I do  also have some basic construction knowledge. For a good strong building, you need deep foundations, structure supporting beams, and ultimately a roof and some walls. However, as far as I’m aware it’s not necessary to bury humans in those walls. Although (fictional architect) Joseph Malestrazza would […]