Necromentia (2009) Review

Clive Barker is not a good writer. His stories are ineffectual and undemanding, largely due to a juvenile prose style which walks a fine line between irrefutably grotesque and gut wrenchingly hilarious. So why then (I hear you scream) do so many filmmakers draw such heavy influence from Barker’s embarrassingly trite, genre casualties? The answer […]

It’s Alive (2008)

With teenage pregnancies on the rise and baby mothers going on trash TV talk shows to get DNA done on the dads, it would seem there was no way to prevent the prepubescent public reproducing. One way to thwart them not tried would be to sit them all in a room to watch It’s Alive. […]

Credo (2008)

Take 5 students, a degree in the occult, a creepy old halls of residence, and what do you get? The perfect setting for a bit of ouija board and devil worship. From the onset, it’s easy to think that you know how it’s going to pan out. But this little flick has more to offer […]