Martyrs (2008)

Here’s an interesting thought, imagine if you will that Mary Whitehouse is still alive and that The Festival of Light continues to eviscerate and scarify the cinema of today. Now envisage how they would react when faced with the unequivocally disturbing Martyrs, a film to which graphic violence is integral. Like Pasolini, Peckinpah, Preminger and […]

Smash Cut – Interview

One of the most hotly anticipated films showing at this year’s London Fright Fest is Smash Cut. When a B-movie film director feels his films are lacking realism, he finds that the only way to make a convincing horror movie is to add real blood and flesh to his features. Things soon spiral out of control as he turns to murder and mutilation to find the props that he needs.

The Changeling (1980)

I’m finding it increasingly hard to find good ‘ghost’ horror movies. At the moment, there’s lots of torture-filled, psychologically twisted, gory jump-fests. And there are even a few ghost-type stories, heavily influenced by the Asian horrors. But they just don’t scare me anymore and I’m finding that I’m having to go further back in time, […]

Diagnosis: Death (2009)

When I read that the trio from Flight of the Conchords had made a horror film I was nearly as excited as when I found out that the team from Spaced had made Shaun of the Dead. The New Zealand comedians Brett McKenzie, Rhys Darby and Jemaine Clement had already made two series of there […]