Red Mist (2009)

Paddy Breathnach’s previous horror effort, Shrooms was a banal if intriguing piece of film making. Despite being an overwhelmingly middling experience it did, in some areas, show signs of great potential and featured moments of fleeting, mild originality. The effect of Red Mist is largely the same except that the concept is -somehow- even more […]

Wicker Man (1973) Review

Described by its many fans as the ‘greatest British horror film of all time’, The Wicker Man (1973) certainly has a cult following. Directed by Robin Hardy, on its original release, distributors, British Lion Films (EMI), demanded extensive cuts and by doing so the story lost many of its essential early plot elements. Upon release […]

The Shining (1980)

MadWomanInTheAttic: This is the real deal. From the opening sequence of the car driving further and further into remote landscape The Shining exerts its power over you. On the surface is a fairly simple narrative: man takes job as winter caretaker at a huge and isolated country hotel in order to get some writing done, […]

Ghostbusters (1984)

“Ghostbusters isn’t a horror film” I can hear voices out there cry. Well, okay, it’s not scary as such, but when we were offered the opportunity to review this classic movie – now released in glorious high definition – we just couldn’t turn it down. Besides, think about the story. New York is consumed with […]