Quarantine (2008)

Are first person, camcorder perspective films being a bit over played recently? Maybe. But it has to be said that this style of shooting does seem to be a more effective way to involve the audience. As far as horror is concerned, it all took off with the excellent Blair Witch Project; was somewhat successful […]

Gothika (2003)

Gothika begins with ‘just another day’ in the life of respected criminal psychologist Dr Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) as she visits Chloe (Penelope Cruz), a patient in a prison psychiatric ward. She takes a swim and heads home to see her loving husband. Driving home in the rain, she has a strange encounter with a […]

Dark Water (2002)

In the middle of a bitter custody battle Yoshimi (Hitomi Kuroki) moves with her young daughter Ikuko (Rio Kanno) to a rundown apartment building. The huge water stain that appears on the ceiling is the beginning of a series of strange and haunting events – including weird noises and fleeting appearances by a small girl […]